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About Our Broadband

The Perfect Balance of Speed and Security

You might assume you already have fibre powering your workplace. We are here to wake you up from that false conviction and share our vision! We offer affordable broadband for small business firms in the UK.

Most broadband services are either part-fibre (Fibre to The Cabinet) or powered by copper cables. Our FTTP service (Fibre To The Premise) delivers a 100% full fibre connection straight to your business.

In our era of worldwide digitalisation, the best place to make meaningful contact with consumers is the web. More than a million business owners suffer from many business issues all over the UK. The prevalent price hike made it impossible for small business owners to get cheap broadband deals. We have considered all these nuances in tailoring our services.

We have made it our mission to:

• Deliver impeccable and unparalleled internet connectivity services to all kinds of business owners over the UK

• Offer affordable services without compromising quality, striking the perfect balance of speed and security.

Depending on line and exchange, our business broadband services are perfect for businesses with 1-8 users, providing usage up to 80 GB.

Harness the power of our business-exclusive broadband to reach a new height of success!


More Than a Broadband

Our business and home phone deals are not run-of-the-mill connectivity services; they are an experience urging you to push beyond the limit.

This experience consists of ultra-fast business without a hitch whatsoever. The VoIP-based Telecom powered by ultra-fast broadband will bring a magical whirlwind to your business. Take your workplace productivity to limits unknown with the lightning pace of our connection.

We turned the dreams of every business owner into reality by providing packages starting from as low as £19.99 per month.

Cheap Business Broadband Deals for Small Business in UK | Discount Telecom